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Wedding photo!

28 November 2016

Here's a lovely moment captured at a recent Birtsmorton Court wedding

birtsmorton court wedding

Birtsmorton Court wedding photo

22 November 2016

Following on from the most recent blog photo, this one shows the bride making her way to the church and greeting the same flower girl as the previous image.

Birtsmorton Court wedding

Worcestershire Wedding Photo!

20 November 2016

Here's a new all-time favourite of mine, taken at the stunning Birtsmorton Court Church in Worcestershire

Birtsmorton Court wedding

Wedding photo!

11 November 2016

This was a client request from a recent wedding in Evesham, Worcetershire - I think it worked out rather well!

Wedding photographer in Worcestershire

Worcestershire wedding photo!

10 November 2016

Here's a lovely moment from the same wedding as the previous photo, taken at the rather wonderful Norton Grounds Farm in Evesham, Worcestershire.

worcestershire wedding photographer

Worcestershire Wedding photo!

08 November 2016

Here's one I took last month at a small church in Evesham - I love the look on the brides face (as well as the look on the groom's face on the right of the frame!)

evesham wedding photo

Wedding photo!

29 October 2016

I love this after dark wedding photo - there was absolutely no natural light as this photo was taken well after the sun had set. I used a pair of flashes to light the trees, the couple and the statue!

After dark wedding photo

Wedding photo!

18 October 2016

Here's one from a wedding I shot recently in Worcestershire, showing the bride arriving at the church before her wedding with her father in the car.

wedding photographer worcestershire

Redhouse Barn Wedding Photo!

09 October 2016

Here's an after-dark shot from RedHouse Barn, Stoke Prior, Worcestershire!

Redhouse Barn Wedding

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photo!

06 October 2016

Here's another beauty from a recent wedding at Stankbrook Abbey in Worcestershire

Stanbrook abbey wedding photo

Stanbrook Abbey wedding photo!

04 October 2016

Here's one from a slightly different view-point inside the beautiful Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire.

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photo!

28 September 2016

Here's one from a recent wedding at the magnificent Stanbrook Abbey

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

Wedding photo!

20 September 2016

Jerilyn and Alastair elected to have a slightly unconventional (but no less awesome) wedding reception in the woods of the local scout camp. The amazing setting made it possible to get images that you wouldn't normally be able to!

Worcestershire wedding

Wedding photo!

12 September 2016

I absolutely love this picture of a bride having a look at herself in her wedding dress for the first time on her special day!

bride in mirror

I've been blogged about!

07 September 2016

It's short and sweet but very interesting to see the thought process of how one of my clients decided to book me. On their wedding blog, they wrote:
"Secondly – Photographer. Again, following our rule of 3, I had researched photographers in and around Worcester and contacted via email our top 3. When I read the ‘About Me’ on Lee Webb’s website, he stood out as different. I remember the ‘I don’t impose limits on the amount of time I spend at a wedding or the number of photos I take’ quote and this is something I had not seen on any other photographer’s website. Many of them stated different prices based on 6, 8 or 12 hours, for example, and didn’t mention the number of photographs taken. As soon as we met Lee, we knew he was the photographer for us. Friendly, professional and very clearly loved his job. Tick – Photographer booked!"

It's all true. I love my job

Ever wondered how I deliver my photos?

01 September 2016

All of my clients receive their wedding images in beautiful bespoke USB or DVD cases. These 3 arrived from the lab today and will be going to my clients in the next few days!

Worcestershire wedding photographer

Wedding photo

30 August 2016

Another image from a recent rainy wedding (although looking at the photos, you'd never know!)

Worcestershire wedding photographer

Worcestershire Wedding photo!

24 August 2016

Here's a recent wedding photo that was taken at the Pear Tree Inn, Worcestershire, seconds before the sun set. The chances of a really good sunset like this weren't looking all that promising, so when this beautiful light started filling the sky we had to run to ensure we were in the right place in time!

Pear Tree Inn Worcester wedding

Wedding photo!

19 August 2016

Black and white images seem to be emerging as a theme on my blog of late, but there's nothing wrong with that if you ask me!
This image shows a bride on the morning of her wedding adjusting her hair piece.


Worcestershire wedding photo!

17 August 2016

I love this photo of the bride and groom's first dance during their reception at Worcester Guildhall!

Worcester Guildhall wedding

Wedding photo!

16 August 2016

Here's the follow up to the previous image - thanks to the bright sky, it's impossible to tell that it was pouring with rain! It's a little bit more obvious in this image though!

Worcestershire wedding photography

Wedding photo!

16 August 2016

I took a hop over the border to Warwickshire recently for a beautiful if slightly rainy wedding at Mythe Barn! I managed to give myself a nasty injury whilst walking into this corn field but as you can see below, it was totally worth it!

Mythe barn wedding

Worcester wedding photo

15 August 2016

I have been so busy with wedding photography in the last month I haven't really had any time to post new images, so here's a beautiful bride photo from a wedding right in the centre of Worcestershire - in the grounds of Worcester Cathedral!

worcestershire wedding photographers

Worcestershire wedding photos!

09 August 2016

I had the pleasure of shooting a fantastic wedding right in the heart of Worcester last month - the following photos couldn't be any closer to Worcester City Center being taken outside Worcester Cathedral!

worcestershire wedding photo
worcester wedding photo

Wedding photo!

02 August 2016

I am swimming in wedding photos at the moment, having taken some 23,000 wedding photos in the last month! Here's one of my favourites from a June wedding showing a genuine moment between the bride and groom. The couple were standing on a grass verge a few feet above me which enabled me to capture this fairly unusual angle.

Worcestershire wedding photographer

Not wedding photos!

24 July 2016

These days it's incredibly rare that I photograph things (professionally speaking) that aren't weddings. This week however I've been commissioned to photograph one world famous sporting star (Lewis Hamilton) and one future sporting star (Team GB junior shooting athlete Pheobe Taylor)

Lewis Hamilton
Pheobe Taylor shooting

My 11th anniversary, of sorts...

23 July 2016

Today, whilst photographing my 216th wedding I received a message from my father, remind me that it's 11 years ago to the day that I photographed my first wedding!
Oh how the time flies!

Wedding photo!

10 July 2016

Another favourite from my recent portfolio overhaul, and from one of my favourite venues - Deer Park Hall in Worcestershire!

deer park hall

"Of all the money we spent on our wedding, you, and the service you gave were by far the best value..."

02 July 2016

I received a lovely email today that I thought I'd share with you all - Crystal and Marc are clients of mine who got married at Christmas and have just received a beautiful A4 wedding album (head over to my facebook page for a picture!) and today they sent me this:

"I just wanted to thank you properly for all your help. You've been extremely professional and on the day you were a godsend! Everybody has commented on how lovely you were, there when you needed to be and so discreet the rest of the time. Of all the money we spent on our wedding, you, and the service you gave were by far the best value and I will be recommending you to anybody and everybody I know. Thank you so much!"

I love my job!

Wedding photo!

28 June 2016

Another rediscovered favourite from redoing my portfolio last month!

Worcestershire wedding photographer

Wedding photo!

22 June 2016

The thought of picking out an all new portfolio, as I have done this week, always seems like a daunting one - sitting at my desk for hours on end, flicking through the 400,000 photos that make up my image library. In actual fact it was somewhat of a joy - rediscovering all of my favourite photos, like the one below, taken a couple of years ago at one of my favourite venues - Deer Park Hall in Worcestershire

Deer park hall worcestershire

Check out my new portfolio!

17 June 2016

There's an all new portfolio now live with 160 beautiful wedding photos to look through - they come up in a random order so you should see something new each time you visit!
To view the new portfolio, click here

Wedding photo!

10 June 2016

I love the warmth of the colour and the ambiance in this image. Taken as the bride was having her makeup applied at the Wood Norton in Worcestershire.

wood norton worcestershire

Wedding photo!

07 June 2016

I'll be honest - This photo is one of my favourites from a recent wedding, and the very first photo I took that day. I wasn't looking through the camera as this was taken - I had dialed what I thought was the correct exposure manually, and just pointed my camera into the room and hit the shutter release to test my settings. Amazingly, this beautiful wedding photo is the result! It shows a nervous bridesmaid being comforted by her mother (standing) and the bride (seated)

Wood Norton Hotel Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

29 May 2016

Have a look at this groom & usher's photo!

Wedding photo!

23 May 2016

Here's another beauty from Gosfield Hall!

Gosfield Hall wedding

Wedding photo!

10 May 2016

Here's another shot from the beautiful Gosfield Hall wedding I shot earlier this year - the light in the ceremony room was stunning!

Gosfield Hall wedding

Wedding photos!

04 May 2016

I had the most amazing time photographing Abbie & Steve's wedding at the rather spectacular Gosfield Hall in Essex

Amazing wedding dress
Gosfield hall wedding
Gosfield hall wedding
Gosfield hall wedding
Gosfield hall wedding

Wedding photo

04 May 2016

Here's a recent favourite from a wedding I photographed at the magnificent Kedleston Hall. It shows the bride making her arrival and waving to her father.

kedleston hall wedding

Wedding photo!

26 April 2016

Here's an image showing something a little bit different - a 'first look.' This is where the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day, before the ceremony itself, allowing the reactions of both the bride and groom to be captured. It's not common practice in the UK but has been popular in the USA for some years now!

first look wedding photo

Wedding photo!

07 April 2016

Here's a recent favourite of mine!

Worcestershire wedding photographer

Wedding photo!

22 March 2016

Here's a different shot from the recent wedding at Stanbrook Abbey - this time showing the Great Hall!

Stanbrook Abbey wedding

Wedding photo!

16 March 2016

Here's a stunning after-dark wedding photo from Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

Wedding photo!

03 March 2016

Here's a recent shot from Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire!

Stanbrook Abbey Worcestershire wedding

Wedding photos!

11 February 2016

Sure, at weddings most people's eyes are on the bride but that doesn't mean the groom and best man can't have a moment in the spotlight!

Grafton Manor wedding
Grafton Manor
Grafton Manor groom

Wedding photo!

08 February 2016

Here's a shot from Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham!

manor by the lake

Wedding photo!

27 January 2016

Here's another recent favourite of mine, taken at a Christmas wedding at Manor By The Lake

Manor By The Lake

Wedding photo!

27 January 2016

Check out this beautiful wedding photo, taken just before Christmas at the wonderful Manor By The Lake in Cheltenham

Wedding photo!

19 January 2016

I had the pleasure of photographing LeAnne and Ben's wedding just before Christmas at Iscoyd Park.
This is one of my favoutire photos of LeAnna getting ready - Just as she's stepping into the dress. I particularly love the light across her face in this photo and the warmth and colour of the light provided by the winter sun.

wedding photographer

Wedding photo!

18 January 2016

Here's one of my favourites from a recent wedding showing the two adorable bridesmaids.

wedding photographers worcestershire

Wedding Photo!

13 January 2016

Happy new year everyone! I've taken some time off from posting over the festive period, but I'm back with this beauty! This was taken at Grafton Manor in Worcestershire before Christmas.

Grafton Manor Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

15 December 2015

Here's something a little different - Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Baljinder getting ready for his wedding. In this ceremony, the groom's family cover him with tumeric paste!

Wedding photo!

08 December 2015

Here's another beauty from one of this year's weddings at the Chateau Impney Worcestershire!

Chateau Impney wedding

Wedding photo!

30 November 2015

Here's another favourite from a wedding I photographed in July. This image is taken on one of the main balconies of the Chateau Impney in Worcestershire. I took this image with the help of my assistant photographer (and off-camera lighting wizard) Aaron Russel. For a limited time, Aaron is offering his services as a second photographer for only £300.00!

Chateau Impney

Wedding photo!

27 November 2015

Sticking with the black and white theme, here's another favourite from a wedding at the Chateau Impney this summer.

Chateau Impney wedding

Wedding photo!

27 November 2015

I love this image taken back in July - showing the father of the bride seeing his daughter on her wedding day for the first time! Image taken at the magnificent Chateau Impney in Worcestershire.

Chateau Impney wedding

Wedding photo!

22 November 2015

Here's a recent favourite from a wedding at Birtsmorton Court in Worcestershire!

Birtsmorton Court Worcestershire

Wedding photo!

10 November 2015

I went for something arty in this wedding photo - allowing the natural light to pick out the wedding shoes

Worcestershire wedding photographer

Wedding photo!

03 November 2015

Here's another one of my favourites from a recent wedding at Puckrup Hall

puckrup hall wedding photo

Wedding photo!

31 October 2015

Here's another beauty from a recent wedding at Birtsmorton Court!

birtsmorton court wedding

Wedding photo! [Finally!]

04 October 2015

I've been having huge issues with the blog over the last month, at one point I couldn't log in, and then for the last week the company who host my images lost the use of their servers. But I'm back with this beauty from Nicola and Ross's wedding at the amazing Birtsmorton Court in Worcestershire.

Birtsmorton Court Wedding

A long time ago at a wedding far far away...

01 September 2015

Many people have seen my recent Back To The Future wedding photo, including, as it appears, a current client of mine.
When I came to shoot their amazing wedding at Birtsmorton Court yesterday, I was asked by the groom if I could add 'a little something' to one of their photos.
Of course I drank too much coffee, didn't sleep and came up with this:

Star Wars wedding

(Yes, they're pretty big Star Wars fans!)

Wedding photo!

26 August 2015

Pendrell Hall in Staffordshire gave me so many opportunities for beautiful wedding photos, and I particularly loved a this vibrantly coloured gate by the main entrance - Many pictures of the amazing grounds to follow!

Pendrell Hall Wedding

Wedding photo! [With a difference]

24 August 2015

Two Grooms. A Back To The Future inspired wedding. A Delorean.
- This was always going to happen!

back to the future wedding

Wedding photo!

20 August 2015

One of my favourites from a wedding earlier this year at the magnificent Clearwell Castle!

Clearwell Castle wedding

Wedding photo!

18 August 2015

Sticking with the black and white theme and from the same wedding as the last image - Check out Charlene's amazing wedding dress! The bridal suite at Pendrell Hall made for the perfect backdrop for some amazing preparation shots!

pendrell hall wedding

Wedding photo!

17 August 2015

It's been a while since I've blogged but I've been so busy with weddings of late I've not found the time! I was even lucky enough to photograph a wedding in Bournemouth in the last week!
Getting things back on track, here's a lovely black and white wedding photo that was taken at Pendrell Hall in Staffordshire last month.

pendrell hall wedding

The one that got away... [Wedding photo!]

04 August 2015

I'm just going through the process of designing a wedding album for a recent client, and when looking through the photos they have chosen to include, I rediscovered one of my favourite photos from this year - and it's one I've never shared until now!
This was taken as Lydia arrived at Kempsey Church, Worcester before her wedding.

Worcester wedding photographer

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