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Wedding photos

16 April 2014

Here's a selection of the photos from Sunday's Warwickshire wedding of the groom and his groomsmen. More pictures coming soon!

Wethele Manor Wedding
Wethele Manor Wedding
Wethele Manor Wedding
Wethele Manor Wedding
Wethele Manor Wedding

Wedding photos!

15 April 2014

I'm getting stuck into the editing of Elly and Matt's wedding photos from Sunday and they all look fantastic! They're going to need to set aside a lot of time to look through them all!
Here's a few details from the day

Wethele Manor Wedding
Wedding dress
Wethele Manor
Amazing wedding cakes

Wedding photo from yesterday

14 April 2014

Hello everyone! I had an amazing time at yesterday's wedding at Wethele Manor in Warwickshire. The sun was shining and it was lovely and warm too which is always a big help!
I've just started editing the photos and here's a real beauty! Congratulations Elly and Matt!

Wethele Manor Wedding

Coming soon...

10 April 2014

...Some wedding pictures you'll be pleased to hear! I'm shooting my first wedding of the proper wedding season this coming Sunday and I'll be sure to post many beautiful wedding photos soon after!

New article online now!

31 March 2014

Are you planning a wedding and want to get the most from your wedding photos? If so, check out my latest article
- "Planning your wedding with photos in mind"

Deer Park Hall wedding

New section coming soon

30 March 2014

Hello again everyone!
I've been busy the last few weeks organising meetings for weddings coming up this year and so haven't updated the website in that time. I am however, working on content for a new section - I've compiled a list of hints and tips that you can use when planning your wedding with photos in mind. It's almost finished and will be online this week so watch this space!

Wedding photo! Sort of...

25 March 2014

It's a rainy day in the office for me, organising meetings with clients and venues for weddings I have this year and next. I'm looking forward to the first wedding of the proper season in a few weeks time, and have been looking over some old pictures - Here's one I love from last spring but haven't yet shared!

Hallow Church Worcester Wedding

Wedding photo!

11 March 2014

I met a lovely couple yesterday to discuss the photography of their wedding at the wonderful Curradine Barns in Worcestershire, so thought I'd share one of my favourite photos from the last time I was there!

Curradine Barns wedding

Are you getting married this year?

07 March 2014

Hello again everyone.
I'm fairly busy at the moment taking bookings for 2015, but, if you're getting married this year and haven't yet found a wedding photographer, I still have availability! If you'd like to inquire about availability for your wedding date, fill out the contact form here

More rugby related ruby photos!

22 February 2014

So the RBS Six Nations is back on the telly and I'm back with some wedding photos...
Two weeks ago I showed you some of England Rugby Union player Matt Mullan's wedding photos, and if you click on the image below you can see some of a former Scottish Rugby Union player's (Bruce Douglas) wedding photos too!

Birtsmorton Court weddings

Wedding photo!

18 February 2014

Another beautiful photo from Worcester Guildhall's first wedding!

Worcester Guildhall wedding

Wedding photos!

16 February 2014

Another few pictures from Worcester Guildhall's first wedding - As you can see the winter light was truly spectacular!

Worcester Guildhall wedding
Worcester Guildhall wedding
We had a moment of incredible light just as the bride and her father walked in

Worcester Guildhall wedding
Worcester Guildhall wedding
Worcester Guildhall wedding
Worcester Guildhall wedding

We're fully iPad compatible!

14 February 2014

It's taken a solid 20 hours to achieve, but every part of the site is now accessible via iPhone and iPad. To make the website as smooth as possible for PC users, it utilises a large amount of Adobe Flash - which sadly doesn't work with iPads. To get around this, I have built special iPad friendly galleries for both the featured weddings and the portfolio which are accessible through well placed links. So, if you're reading this on an iPad (and even if you're not) have a look at the new wedding galleries by clicking here

It's that time of year again

14 February 2014

Happy valentines day everyone!

Good news for iPad/iPhone users!

10 February 2014

There are a few aspects of my website that don't currently work with Adobe Flash - Namely the portfolio and featured weddings, but the good news is I'm working on a solution.
To start with, I have added a strictly non-flash portfolio page which can be found here and three new non-flash featured wedding galleries - To view them click here for the wedding Liz and Andy, here for the wedding of Fiona and James and here for the wedding of Hetal and Phill!

Wedding photo / Six Nations (2)

09 February 2014

Looking back at some old photos and here's another beauty from RBS Six Nations England squad member Matt Mullan's wedding!

Bromsgrove School wedding

Wedding photo / Six Nations

08 February 2014

I am a big rugby fan, and watching the France Vs. England game during the first weekend of RBS Six Nations 2014, I saw a familiar face on the England bench - Matt Mullan, not because he started his career playing for Worcester, but because I photographed his wedding a few years ago!

Worcestershire wedding photo

More recent wedding photos

31 January 2014

I've just about finished editing this Saturday's wedding photos. This wedding was the first at Worcester Guildhall in modern times and it was great shooting there! I'll post a full set of images as soon as I've finished editing them all.

Worcester guildhall wedding
Worcester guildhall wedding
Worcester guildhall wedding
Worcester guildhall wedding

And to finish this post, a wedding photo of the bride arriving that I LOVE!

Worcester guildhall wedding, bride arriving

Worcester Guildhall's first wedding - And I was there to photograph it!

27 January 2014

Worcester Guildhall hosted it's first wedding service in modern times on Saturday 25th January 2014 and I was there to photograph it! I am just downloading and sorting the photos now, but here's a very sneak peak! There will be many, many more to come!

Worcester guildhall wedding
Worcester guildhall wedding
Worcester guildhall wedding
Worcester guildhall wedding

Wedding photos!

20 January 2014

Here's a few more photos from the wedding I shot just before Christmas. It was great being the photographer at this wedding, the church allowed for so many different angles to shoot from!

Worcester wedding photographer
Worcestershire wedding photographer
Worcestershire wedding bride arrival
Worcestershire wedding ceremony
Worcestershire wedding happy bride
wedding guest

Some more recent wedding photos

15 January 2014

Whilst I'm organising meetings for wedding in both 2014 and 2015 I thought I'd share a couple of wedding photos I shot recently that I love. With winter weddings there's never a guarantee that the weather will cooperate with you and unfortunately we had blustery winds and light showers through out the day, but just as we had finished taking pictures outside we had a few rays of golden light burst through the clouds. Sadly the gorgeous light didn't last anywhere near long enough to get any photos other than the one I quickly grabbed - which can be seen below!

Malvern Registry office wedding
Malvern Registry office wedding

Wedding photo!

08 January 2014

Here's a recent wedding photo taken on December 27th showing the bride arriving at the registry office on a crisp winter's day. I'm just heading out to deliver this set of photos, but come back soon - there are many more awesome wedding photos to come!

Malvern Registry office wedding

Are you getting married this year?

01 January 2014

Across the country there will be thousands of people waking up to the thought "It's 2014... I'm getting married this year!"
If you're lucky enough to be getting married in 2014 and need a wedding photographer in the Worcestershire area or anywhere else in the UK - fear not, as I still have dates available.

So if you're planning a wedding and need a wedding photographer, please don't hesitate to get in touch by filling out the contact form by clicking here

Happy new year everyone!

New wedding photos

29 December 2013

I've had the pleasure of shooting at two weddings over the festive period - One on the 21st and one of the 27th and after a few days off over Christmas I've made a good start on editing the photos. Here's a few black and whites I love from the first wedding. These are only the first ones I've edited to stay tuned - there are many more wedding photos to come!

Worcester wedding photographer
Wedding photographer Worcestershire
Worcester wedding photographer
Wedding photographer Worcestershire
Worcester wedding photographer
Wedding photographer Worcestershire
Worcester wedding photographer

New facebook images

18 December 2013

I have added many, many images to facebook so it's up to date with all of the images that can currently be found in the wedding galleries. If you want to view my wedding photos on an iPad, iPhone or other device that doesn't support adobe flash, then my facebook page is still the best place to view all of the images, as well as being kept up to date with all my latest news.

Click here to go to the page!

New Featured Wedding added!

15 December 2013

I have added a new featured wedding to the galleries. Liz and Andy got married at, and had their reception at Curradine Barns in the Worcestershire countryside.
Click here or anywhere on the image below to view the wedding gallery!

Curradine Barns wedding

Recent wedding photo (sort of)

09 December 2013

A friend and I shot a 25th wedding anniversary renewal of vows on Saturday, and here's a couple of the photos of the happy couple. We had access to the wedding album from 25 years ago and were trying to recreate some of the couple's favourite wedding photos - Even using the exact same location as the previous pictures!

Inne at Stonehall wedding photo
Inne at Stonehall wedding photo

New featured wedding online!

03 December 2013

I have added a tenth "featured wedding" to the galleries - the wedding of Naomi and James.
Naomi and James got married and had their reception at the Birche in the Worcestershire countryside. Click here to view the pictures, or click anywhere on the wedding photo below!

The Birche wedding Worcestershire

New featured wedding coming soon!

02 December 2013

Hello again everyone! I've had a great week of meeting new wedding clients for the 2014 and 2015 wedding seasons and now things are quietening down for the winter I'll be making a few changes to the website so stay tuned! I'm adding three further "featured weddings" to the gallery bringing the total number to 12! I'm also going to be changing the images within my portfolio to keep things up to date. When all the changes are complete, there will be close to 900 images on my wedding photography website for potential clients to look through! Stay tuned!

New featured wedding added to the galleries!

04 November 2013

I have added another featured wedding album to the galleries - The wedding of Lucy and Ed at Worcester's magnificent Stanbrook Abbey. To view the new album, click on the link here or on the image below!

Stanbrook Abbey wedding

New testimonial added

31 October 2013

I received a wonderful testimonial this morning from a couple whose wedding I photographed back in June of this year.

"Martin and I would like to thank you for capturing our special day so well with your wonderful photographs. You made everyone feel very comfortable and helped to make our enjoyable day very memorable. The photographs are stunning and really show the wonderful story of our day. We will definitely be recommending you to others! Jessica & Martin Bailiss"

beautiful wedding photos

More recent wedding photos

29 October 2013

I had a few moments spare today so I've had chance to choose some of Saturday's wedding photos to share with you all!

Draycote Hotel Rugby wedding shoes
Draycote Hotel Rugy wedding flowers
Draycote Rugby wedding photo
Warwickshire wedding photo
Rugby Warwickshire wedding photo
Warwickshire wedding photo
wedding photo Warwickshire
wedding photo Rugby Warwickshire
wedding photo Warwickshire
Bhangra wedding dancers

Recent wedding photos

28 October 2013

I had a fantastic time at Saturday's wedding at the Draycote Hotel in Rugby. The weather wasn't too bad, if it was a little windy at times. Despite the ominous forecast we didn't have any rain which meant we could make some beautiful images outside in the hotel's ample grounds. Here's a few of the wedding photos but stay tuned - more will follow!

Rugby Warwickshire wedding photo
Bride Warwickshire wedding photo
Rugby Warwickshire wedding photo
Warwickshire wedding photo
Warwickshire wedding photo
Warwickshire wedding photo
Warwickshire wedding photo
Bhangra wedding dancers
Wedding fireworks

Here's a photo from Saturday's wedding

14 October 2013

I had a great time photographing Saturday's wedding at Manor Hill House with John and Trevor. Unfortunately it rained for all of 15 minutes, so we seized the opportunity to dash outside and take some photos! This is the first one I've edited, but stay tuned - more are coming!

Manor Hill House same sex civil ceremony

A quick update

10 October 2013

Have finally managed to take a few days off which has been wonderful! I've been meeting a lot of new clients lately and getting booked up for the 2014 wedding season as far forwards as the end of September! I'm looking forward to Saturday's wedding, just hope the rain stays away! Stay tuned over the weekend and look out for some new wedding photos.

New testimonials page added

02 October 2013

I have added a page called "testimonials and kind words" to the website to allow you to see what people really think of me! It's still a work in progress as I haven't received all of the feedback yet, but if you want to take a look, click here

Another "featured wedding" added to the site!

27 September 2013

I have added an 8th featured wedding to the site - the wedding of Nisha and Liam.
Click on the image below to be taken straight to the wedding gallery!

Birtsmorton Court wedding photo

New "Featured Wedding" added to the website!

24 September 2013

I have a couple of weeks off between weddings so I'm adding more content to the website.
I am redoing my portfolio to show off the very best of my most recent work, and doubling the number of featured weddings in the gallery to give you the best possible idea of my style of work! To make a start I've added 60 photographs from the wedding of Fiona and James! You can find your way to the new gallery by clicking here or on the image below!

Princess Pavilion wedding photo bride and groom

My new demo wedding album is here!

24 September 2013

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a new demo wedding album to show to potential clients and the good news is - It arrived this morning. The better news is that it looks absolutely incredible! In the next week I am changing my packages to give clients better value for money, by adding to my packages whilst at the same time reducing the prices of them!
The album on display here is part of my 30x30cm Digital Wedding Album package which will be a mere £1300 (including VAT) and includes the matching presentation case you see below!

wedding album

Guests taking photos...

17 September 2013

This is a two pronged blog post!
First of all, I'd like to say that whilst there are many photographers who dislike guests taking photos at genuine photo opportunities, I'm definitely not one of them - in fact I welcome guests taking their own photos!
And secondly - I really like this image from a recent wedding at Stanbrook Abbey, Worcestershire.

Stanbrook Abbey Worcester wedding

Wedding photos!

02 September 2013

A quick set of images from Saturday's wedding at the stunningly beautiful Stanbrook Abbey, Worcestershire. It was my first shoot at this venue and I really hope it won't be my last!
Congratulations to Lucy & Ed!

Stanbrook Abbey wedding dress
Stanbrook Abbey bride shoes
Stanbrook Abbey Worcester Wedding
Stanbrook Abbey Worcester Wedding
Stanbrook Abbey Wedding bride
Stanbrook Abbey Wedding bride
Stanbrook Abbey Wedding
Stanbrook Abbey Wedding
Stanbrook Abbey Wedding
Stanbrook Abbey Wedding
Stanbrook Abbey Wedding
Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

Wedding photo!

29 August 2013

Another week means another wedding and another wedding photo to share, or photos in this case - I couldn't choose which one to share and got a little carried away so I'm just uploading all of my short-list.
Liz and Andy were married, and had their reception in the magnificent Curradine Barns in the Worcestershire countryside.

Curradine Barns Wedding
Curradine Barns Wedding
Curradine Barns Wedding
Curradine Barns Wedding
Curradine Barns Wedding
Curradine Barns wedding
Curradine Barns Wedding

Wedding photo!

19 August 2013

Over the 16th and 17th of August I shot a two day wedding - An Indian wedding on Friday, and a civil ceremony on the Saturday. I love shooting Indian weddings, the enormous range of colours on show and the incredible details in the clothing make for wonderful photographs, and it's hard not to have a good time with the on-going party atmosphere!
Here's a few photos from the two days, although I imaging I'll be posting many more on here once I've started properly editing them. Nisha and Liam had their Indian ceremony at the Hilton Birmingham, Bromsgrove, and had their civil ceremony at the amazing Birtsmorton Court in the Worcestershire countryside.

Birmingham Bromsgrove Hilton Wedding
Birtsmorton Court wedding
Birtsmorton Court Wedding

Wedding photo!

19 August 2013

It's the height of the wedding season and as such I'm editing wedding photos for 14 hours a day, but I can still find the time to share some recent wedding photos on here! Here's a couple from the wedding of Naomi and James, who got married and had their reception at The Birche in Shelsley Beauchamp, Worcestershire.

The Birche Worcestershire wedding
The Birche Worcestershire wedding

A Signature photo in every sense of the word.

12 August 2013

I've had a manic weekend, having shot two full weddings in two days - some 23 hours of wedding photography in total! As always, I like to display a photo from my most recent wedding on here whilst I'm going through and editing the photos.
At Friday's wedding, unbeknownst to all but myself and a few members of the bride's family - The bride had booked Signature (the Michael Jackson/Bhangra tribute act of Britain's Got Talent fame) to perform well, during the first dance as it turns out.
However this style of "first dance" photo is fast becoming one of my signature photos - I've used a flash behind the couple to provide back-lighting (helps the couple stand out from the dark background) but also to provide dramatic effect. More wedding pictures to come today and tomorrow so stay tuned!

Signature Michael Jackson Dancers

An interesting new perspective

21 July 2013

This coming week I am lucky enough to be working for the Worcester International Festival for Young Singers (or Wifys for short, pronounced "why-fis" if you were wondering!)

Wifys is the UK's first-ever non-competitive international youth singing festival, and is host to 11 choirs from 10 different nations: Belgium, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia (x2), Hong Kong, Germany, Lithuania and the UK.

Saturday afternoon I was around Worcester city centre photographing the various choir's street performances, and Saturday evening I was high above the city centre, taking a group photo of all the participating choirs - from the roof the the cathedral!

I suffer badly with a fear of heights and needless to say it was a long way up. I really wish someone had told me beforehand though that the tower moves slightly in the wind!

Wifys are putting on a number of free concerts this week and having seen the choirs in action already, I can honestly say they are well worth watching, the performances were very moving. You can find out who is performing where and when at the link here

Engagement shoot photo!

14 July 2013

I decided to do my first pre-wedding/engagement shoot last week with John and Trevor who are getting married at Manor Hill House on October 12th of this year. I had a great time taking the photos and I'm really looking forward to the civil ceremony!

Wedding photo!

05 July 2013

Back from my holidays and straight back into work - here's an image from my most recent wedding, taken in the lovely village of Hannington in Hampshire (between Basingstoke and Newbury.) Jessica and Martin were married at All Saints Church with their reception at The Vine Inn
Congratulations Jessica and Martin!

Wedding photo!

08 June 2013

I am in the office this week, replying to emails and editing wedding photos and so to keep with tradition, here's an image from my most recent wedding.
Congratulations Su and Neil!

Su and Neil were married at Hallow church on Saturday 1st June 2013

Wedding photo!

31 May 2013

Well I'm back from my week's holiday and yesterday I returned from Falmouth - I was down there shooting a wedding, and here's a photo! The day started off with a lot of rain but it soon cleared and we were blessed with wonderful wedding weather, bright blue skies and a cool breeze. Congratulations on your wedding, Fiona and James.

Fiona and James were married at Saint Stythians church, followed by a photo shoot at Pendennis Point (a local beauty spot just below Pendennis Castle) and had their reception at The Princess Pavillion, falmouth

I'll see you in a week!

27 May 2013

Just to let everyone know, I'm driving down to Falmouth tomorrow for a wedding and I'll be back on Thursday evening for another wedding I have locally on Saturday. I'll get back to any emails on Friday 31st and will maybe post a picture or two!

Another happy customer!

12 May 2013

Waking up to emails like this makes it all worth while;
"Just got back from Peru yesterday so we are jet lagged, but we managed to see photos yesterday on the discs, and they are very natural and brilliant... Thank you again"

Acceptance into the Wedding Photojournalist Association

27 April 2013

Today I received news that I have been accepted into the Wedding Photojournalist Association.
Needless to say I'm very happy, and a little shocked as the selection criteria is so tough! Acceptance into the WPJA for me serves to confirm the high standard of my work - I love the work I'm currently sending to my clients, and official recognition of that is awesome!
Here's a cutting from their website:
"The Wedding Photojournalist Association grants membership to only the most talented professional wedding photographers in the industry - photographers who focus on using their photography skills and excel at capturing moments and documenting weddings."
For more information on the WPJA, click here

I've had a spring clean!

22 April 2013

As Chase Jarvis once said "promises are nothing, portfolios are everything."
I was happy with the wedding photography portfolio that's graced my website for the past 3 months but I felt like it was time for a bit of a spring clean so to speak. As such, I've removed 40 of the images that were in my wedding portfolio and replaced them with many new ones. I've decided to use more images than previous, taking the total number of images in my portfolio from 48 to somewhere nearer to 80. Finally, I've re-sized the images slightly differently so they now appear sharper!

Someone asked me this week what my favourite photo was that I'd taken at a wedding, and truth be told it's impossible for me to pick only one. Furthermore my favourite wedding photo tends to change week on week, but here's three that stand out to me at the moment:

First wedding shoot of the year

31 March 2013

After a few non-topical blog posts lately you'll be pleased to hear that I'm back with a wedding related one, with a picture from my first wedding shoot of the season. I was assisting a friend with this wedding so I didn't take as many pictures as I normally would (as I wasn't the main photographer) but I had a fantastic time, met some wonderful people and took some great images... despite it being only one degree above freezing!

Thank you!!

19 March 2013

I would just like to take the time to say a massive thank you to all who voted for me in Nikon's photographic competition recently. The good news is I won and I shall be receiving my prize from Nikon soon. Don't forget though, one of the people who voted will still win a brand new camera from Nikon!

Please vote for me!

02 March 2013

I recently heard the news that I have been put through to the final 5 in a Nikon photographic competition, and to win I require public votes for my image. If you could spare me 30 seconds of your time to vote for my image I would appreciate it! All you need to do to help is click on the image below which will open the competition website. Find my image (the second one) and click "vote for this photo" - That's all there is to it. If you do vote you yourself stand a chance of winning a Nikon Coolpix S9300 camera too!

Recommended Supplier at Deer Park Hall - Worcestershire

17 January 2013

I received a phone call today from one of my favourite wedding venues - Deer Park Hall, letting me know that they would like to use me as one of their recommended suppliers. One of my images is being used in a demo album for wedding clients to look at which is shown below. Potential customers are able to see my work and recieve information and my details. Talking of which, I have a new business email address - I had to stop using my old one as it was hacked into and sadly I've not been able to retrieve the account. My new email address is

Clicking on the image below will open up Deer Park Hall's website

Deer Park Hall Worcestershire

New Lee Webb Photography facebook page specifically for wedding photography

16 January 2013

I have finally found the time to set up a Lee Webb Photography facebook page, specifically designed for wedding clients. Sure it's not 100% finished but neither is the website you're looking at right now, but as one gets finished the other will to. The main benefit for the time being is that iPad, iPhone and smart phone users can view my portfolio on the facebook page as I'm still encountering some compatibility issues with the main site.
To view the Lee Webb Photography facebook (entitled Wedding Photography by Lee Webb) please click on the image link below

Link to facebook page

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